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Bringing outdoor living closer to home
Our Folding-Arm Awnings have been developed for the domestic market to cover patio areas. The major benefit of our awnings is that they are very compact when retracted, yet offer an extension to your living area when extended. The versatile and elegant design will not look out of place in any situation.

All awnings are electrically operated with a remote control or can be fully automatic with the use of weather sensors.

Solar Shading
Optional sun sensors can automatically retract or extend the awning - protecting people and furniture from harmful UV’s.

Rain Protection
There’s no longer the need to run indoors at the onset of rain - enjoy ALL of the the summer whilst keeping your patio area dry.

Alfresco Dining
Our awnings are perfect for hosting parties with family and friends - increase the size of your living area for the perfect get-together.

Heating and Lighting
Enhance the outdoor living experience to the max, with a range of heating and lighting options.
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Excel Awnings
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