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Will an automatic garage door fit my garage?
Our doors are fully customisable to fit any height and width, and the fitting options mean that it will also fit into any shape of opening.

Will it fit in with my house style?
Our automatic garage doors are available in a number of finishes and colours to compliment your home and fit in with any style of decor and architecture.

What is the warranty/guarantee period?
There is a 3 year guarantee on all parts, and some of the finishes also have a 3 year guarantee.

Could and automatic garage door come down onto my car or even worse my child?
Safety brakes and edges are fitted as standard to comply with EN12453 - Safety in the use of power operated garage doors. The brakes lock off, like a seatbelt, if the motordrive or motorbrake fails, which in turn stops the door dropping.

Always buy a garage door that complies fully with EN12453 - Safety in use of power operated garage doors. All Excel Automatic Garage Doors are certified to this standard.

Are automatic garage doors secure?
An automatic drive down locking system combines with high polyamide links to ensure that the door cannot be forced up when lowered.

Will I gain any space?
Yes. Our automatic garage doors offer you the ultimate in space saving as they open vertically and roll compactly allowing you to park your car (or second car) close up to the door. Furthermore, the rolled up door curtain does not block off ceiling space inside your garage.

How long will installation take?
Once the components are on site, installation will take less than a day.

Are there lots of ‘add-ons’ not included in the price that I will need to purchase to make it work?
No, your automatic garage door will be fully operational as supplied, with remote controls and a fantastic finish.

Is it noisy?
Tracks are lined with neoprene and brushes to ensure the smoothest and quietist operation.

What if there is a power cut - will I still be able to open my door?
A connector and crank handle are supplied as standard, so your automatic garage door can be opened, from inside, even during a power cut.

Could the weather affect the operation of the door?
The automatic garage door has rubber seals all around to ensure the elements are kept out and the motor is housed in it’s own unit inside the garage.
Why choose Excel?
We are local and only operate in the North West of England.
We have over 20 years experience in providing products to both the domestic and commercial markets.
We are a family run business who don’t believe in employing pushy door to door sales people. We are honest, friendly and approachable.
All our tradesmen are trained to the highest standards and our products are manufactured to ISO9002 certification.
All doors come complete with a three-year guarantee on all manufactured parts for total peace of mind.
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